Foreign Couple

There is no foreign land in this world for the one how knowns or learn the universal language of smile. Once you learn the universal language every land on the earth and their people will be familiar and friendly to you.

But the one how fails to learn this universal language for them their own land become a foreign land and their own people will be foreigners to them.

Smile is the universal language expressed in a same manner all over the world. It doesn’t have the words, but it is the most powerful expression to express in the foreign lands.

A foreign couple:

A foreign couple came to stay for few months in our appartment. We use to see each other in an elevator, or some time in the garden of our building. But we always hesitated to talk due to the language barrier.

But soon they discovered the universal language and one day early in the morning foreign couple and I came across and the couple gave me a smile with a bent head, and I respond with the same warm smile with a bent head. And from then we started that greeting each other every day.

That exchange of smiles was there “Bonjour” for me and my “Namasthe” to them, but without the words or language.

And the beginning of our friendship.



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